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Our Distinctives


We believe that the preaching of God’s word is his chosen means to convert sinners and build up his people. We believe in verse-by-verse exposition and application of the Bible, otherwise known as expository preaching.

We strive to be a church that preaches God’s word plainly and powerfully. Moreover, we believe that preaching is a vital part of our evangelistic outreach to the lost. It is by the hearing of the Word that souls are saved, in God’s wonderful providence (cf. Romans 10:14-17).


We believe that the church prayer meeting is the place where God acts in response to believing prayer. We believe in the power of prayer in the individual lives of Christians.

We do not seek to multiply programs but prayer warriors – those who believe in a sovereign God who will answer when we call to him (Cf. Psalm 50:15).


We are committed to being a church that shepherds the flock. We see that happening by regular in-home pastoral visitation so that the sheep of Christ are encouraged and known by the elders of the church.

All members of Shiloh are assigned an elder who regularly checks in on them. We do not believe that the church is a place to remain anonymous but a community of believers who are under the care of men called to look after their souls as those who must give an account (cf. Heb 13:17).

Our History

Meeting in a school gym

Shiloh Presbyterian Church began meeting in Cary, North Carolina in June 2010 as a mission work of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC). From the outset, the vision was well-defined: faithful, clear, God-centered preaching in the context of Reformed worship for the building up of the saints and the conversion of the lost.

Shiloh initially enjoyed many months of regularly rotating preachers. Many men gave innumerable hours of labor to the fledgling congregation. Most of those who worked so hard (both in and out of the pulpit) had affiliations with Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Greenville, SC.

Former Pastor Gabriel Fluhrer

By March 2011, in the Lord’s providence, Pastor Gabriel Fluhrer became known to the pulpit search committee as a potential pastoral candidate. After a number of visits to North Carolina, it became very clear to both the members of Shiloh and Pastor Fluhrer, that the Lord had placed His call on this man to Shiloh’s pulpit. By May of 2012, Pastor Fluhrer was installed as the organizing pastor of Shiloh OPC. He fervently advocates the original vision of the church: the pre-eminence of God-centered preaching, the distinctives of Reformed theology, and their outflow in Reformed worship.

In February 2013, Shiloh Presbyterian Church moved from being a mission work to an organized congregation in the OPC. Pastor Fluhrer was installed as her pastor along with the installation of three ruling elders and three deacons.

In April 2014, Shiloh called Reverend Irfon Hughes, previously retired from the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), to serve as associate pastor.

Retired Pastor Irfon Hughes

That same month, we began meeting at our current location on E. Whitaker Mill Road, in the Five Points district of Raleigh. After meeting for almost four years at an elementary school in Cary, the Lord blessed us with the ability to purchase a permanent location a mile north of downtown Raleigh. Our current facility is in the middle of a neighborhood–just where we want to be in order to minister to those around us! The facility underwent a dramatic face-lift during five weeks of church workdays and the blood, sweat and tears (mostly of babies) served to transform the church building into a beautiful, light-filled meeting place. Our desire is for the ministry out of this building to be a beacon of hope to the lost, comfort to the weary, and encouragement to those on the journey. In sum, Shiloh seeks to make Jesus more beautiful and believable to the unconvinced and convinced in Raleigh and beyond!

Pastor Matthew Holst

In August 2015, Pastor Fluhrer resigned to accept another ministerial call. In May 2016, Reverend Matthew Holst, formerly of Geneva OPC in Woodstock, GA, was installed as senior pastor of Shiloh. In May 2017, Pastor Irfon Hughes retired as a pastor of Shiloh; he remains a member of our Session.